Get stronger every time you train.

The words of a 7-year old when we asked her “what would be a good title to describe living healthily?”. We nearly dismissed it as it felt too focused only on exercise, but on reflection she captured it perfectly! My Basic Training is about training our bodies and our minds: knowledge and willingness combined with repeated action shapes our behaviour and forms new habits. Stronger, healthier, happier… physically and mentally!

Have you got stuck in a rut? Do you want to improve your eating habits? Perhaps you’re making a comeback after time out from training? Or just starting out on your fitness journey? Do you need routine and accountability? Want support but with flexibility?

Underpinned by the Steps Co methodology, My Basic Training encourages positive behaviour patterns and a pragmatic, balanced way of living a healthy and happy life!

My Basic Training is not a ‘challenge’ in which you’re competing to see who can lose the most weight. Followed by ‘rewarding’ yourself after the challenge period is over, which often means ending up back where you started… or worse!

Al Inclusive

Optimum all-round educational packages.

Eat for Fuel

Supplementary to an existing fitness regime.

Our commitment to you…

Fitness program of short effective workouts brought to you by Do You Even Bootcamp!? *

Meal suggestions and nutritional advice with example recipes and guidance.

Personal online portal for planning and recording weekly activity.

Support from the community. United strength is stronger. We are better together!

Accountability. You manage your plan, but with experts guiding you and checking in!

Starter pack containing all the information, hints and tips you need to get going.

End of phase progress report capturing key outcomes and recommendations.

Your commitment to you…

Time. You’ll need to schedule time for food prep; also time to train* – the workouts are generally under 30 minutes, many much less, depending on your fitness.

Grit – commitment to the changes you are trying to make – and extra commitment when you don’t want to do it! We can provide external motivation and accountability, but the real drive has to come from you…

Equipment. Just a few basic things: kitchen scales and a set of measuring cups; one set of light dumbbells and a skipping rope!*

Items in italics and marked with an * are not part of the Eat for Fuel program.

We asked some of our past participants what they found most useful about My Basic Training…

“I find the food prep each week, being accountable for what we eat, the amazing recipes and all the help n tips from our trainers really helpful. The exercises are amazing. I’ve now learnt to exercise everyday, sleep well, eat well, prep my food so I don’t eat processed food and can maintain a routine. I couldn’t fault this package!”

Most useful was the weekly meal planner as I wasn’t having to think about what I was about to eat I’d just grab what was on the planner. I now have my little list of healthy snacks in my head lol. I learnt that I don’t need to eat a massive portion to feel full by choosing the right snacks and meals throughout the day and overloading with salad which I love anyway. I’ve re-evaluated by alcohol habits too!

Self-discipline in times when it is so easy to over indulge in junk!

Learning when to eat or how often to eat – I have never eaten breakfast and now I can’t function without breakfast!

Knowledge, accountability, inspiration and motivation oooo oooo and awareness!”

I have the encouragement very useful. Drinking water and food preparation. I have learnt to drink more water, be mindful of my portion sizes and exercise more.”

Learned the kinds of foods you should be eating, the times you should be eating. I am a very fussy eater but with trying to make things myself I was actually eating them. Making myself exercise at home, we have all this equipment but I lack the motivation to actually do things at home. Too many distractions. Now I find myself setting aside time to do some exercises. Mum is too!

All of our programs are informed by Industry best practice:

Nationally endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines inform all the nutritional advice we provide, in particular the Australian Dietary Guidelines. Click here to read the full publication.

Our fitness experts are accredited with Fitness Australia: ensuring nationally recognised fitness industry standards and best practice in the Australian health and fitness industry are being met.

We incorporate guidance from the Sleep Health Foundation, Australia’s leading advocate for healthy sleep: improving people’s lives through better sleep. Click here to find out more.

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