Event Preparation – OCR!


The My Basic Training – OCR! program provides the structure, information and accountability that you need to get ready for an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) event and to generally improve your health in a sustainable way! You have a goal that you want to achieve – perhaps to complete your first OCR event; maybe you’re returning and want to achieve a particular time; or you simply want to enjoy the experience by being better prepared than you may have been in the past!

The My Basic Training OCR! program incorporates all elements of the My Basic Training package. It includes 4 weeks of daily exercises (including some active recovery days!) tailored toward building the type of fitness required to participate in OCR events. It will also show you how to eat for fuel – to improve your training capacity, support your mental and emotional health, and help improve your energy and stamina.

Additionally, we will consider a range of other factors related to how and what you eat and train, including sleep/rest (what you don’t do is as important as what you do!) and having fun! It is so important to enjoy the whole experience of your OCR event – and life beyond! Yes, we will set you up to continue your healthy journey beyond the 4-week program too 🙂

Let’s get started!

My Basic Training OCR!

28 DAY all-inclusive program that includes daily workouts, nutrition support, and a range of other health and wellbeing information, tailored to support your preparation for an OCR event!


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