My Basic Training LITE!


The My Basic Training – GRIT FIT ONLINE! program provides the structure, information and accountability that you need to get ready for your True Grit event! With the added bonus of improving your health in a sustainable way…

You have a goal that you want to achieve – perhaps to complete your first True Grit event; maybe you’re returning and want to achieve a particular time; or you simply want to enjoy the experience by being better prepared than you may have been in the past!


to experience a two week taster of the program



We are offering My Basic Training LITE! to all True Grit registered participants to begin your journey of getting Grit Fit Online! This is a taster featuring some of the main elements of the full 4-week program. The full package can be purchased at a discounted rate if you wish to continue on your Grit Fit Online journey!


Brought to you by Do You Even Bootcamp!?

Official True Grit training partner 2020.
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