In business we pay the price of poor physical and mental health over and over again: lost productivity at work, days off sick, workers comp claims, costly staff turnover… We often invest in fixing the problem through health insurance packages, but that doesn’t reduce these unpredictable costs. What if we could empower people to prevent many of their health problems occurring in the first place? And whilst doing so, make them feel valued and worthy? That sounds like an excellent retention strategy!

In its new draft report on mental health, the Productivity Commission estimates that mental ill-health and suicide is costing the Australian economy between $43-$51 billion per year.

A further $130 billion is the estimated cost to individuals with mental ill-health due to diminished health and wellbeing.

Boosting your people…

Improve resilience and boost productivity.

A resilient organisation is borne out of resilient people. Mind and body, working together. Connecting – with ourselves, each other and our organisational values. Is employee health wellbeing one of your values? My Basic Training is the perfect way for your employees to know that you are investing in them and their future. 

Boosting your business…

Reduce costs caused by diminished health and wellbeing.

Your people are your success. You need them – and you need them to be well so that they can do the best job for you! The cost of poor physical and mental ill-health in the Australian workplace is astronomical. Directly improve your $$ performance measures by increasing productivity through healthy, happy, energetic employees!

Framework of Resilience

Exploring the connection between individual wellbeing, team effectiveness and organisational sustainability.

Every part of your business comes down to people. “Look after the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves.” It may not be quite that simple when it comes to people, but without looking after your individuals you cannot have a really healthy organisation. The simplest measure of business success is profit. Sustainable profit generation is greatly enhanced by effective teams made up of healthy, happy people!

Why us?

The application of My Basic Training in the corporate world has been informed by people with extensive experience in a broad range of relevant disciplines. We are unique because we bring together two very different worlds. We have a strong track record of facilitative management consulting with a focus on organisational development, people and culture. We also run a highly successful health and fitness business that has a huge focus on mental health. We work with Local Government Authorities, non-profits, corporate organisations in a variety of sectors, and educational facilities.

We offer a wide range of services to corporate clients, for example: routine managed services in support of staff benefits packages; bespoke training for specific wellbeing needs; workshops and education seminars to raise awareness!

We can help you build a positive healthy culture in your workplace. Healthy, happy people result in healthy happy businesses!

Want to work with us?

AHRI certified: the national association setting the industry standard for HR practitioners in Australia. Click here to find out more.

Australia’s premier Master Practitioner for PCS: a powerful tool and system for understanding and improving team performance, engagement and leadership capability.

Australian Computer Society certified ICT Business Analyst.

Our fitness experts are accredited with Fitness Australia: ensuring nationally recognised fitness industry standards and best practice in the Australian health and fitness industry are being met.

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